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Drilling Machine Hydraulic HD-POM750

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  • Size(L/W/H) :  520x770x1490mm

Key Features


Drilling Machine Hydraulic HD-POM750 is made with following good points:
1. Yi Chang produced Horng Dar brand Bench Drilling Press Machine (Hydraulic Stroke) has 2 sub-types:
    (1)  Type A : with chip taking out system for deep drilling.
    (2)  Type B : for normal drilling.
2. We have patent rights for this series in both Taiwan and China.
3. The machine has a easy adjusting system for stroke speed, It is convenience for operation.
4. The tool is stable when used at high feeding speed. It ensures the quality of production.
5. Drill bits are we protected in a deep drilling by a chip taking out system.(type A)
6. The drill can reposition itself very quick after every chip takings. It saves your time and increases the production volume.
7. This series are with a spindle delay timer to set it stop a few seconds in the end of drilling, it keeps the tolerance in depth very well.(0.03mm on spindle with no loading)
8. A footswitch is a standard attachment for easier operation.
9. Coolant is optional. 
Video displays please see : https://goo.gl/uQZZOJ

Main Export Market

Mainland China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Taiwan, ROC, Viet Nam, Philippines


    Drilling Machine Hydraulic HD-POM750

Last Update : 2016-11-08
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( Mr.HsiangTe Chiang , YI CHANG MACHINERY CO., LTD. )

Drilling Machine Hydraulic HD-POM750
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